Democratic congressional candidate Richard Ojeda, on Wednesday, released a new campaign launch video across his social media platforms.


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The video features the violent attack Ojeda endured during his state Senate campaign in 2016, his families deep roots in the coal mines of southern West Virginia, his past support of unions, medical cannabis and his passion to address issues such as healthcare and lowering student debt.

J.D. Belcher, owner of JJN Multimedia, that filmed and produced the video is a former coal miner of nine years in West Virginia.

For Ojeda, it was easy to choose JJN Multimedia as the company is based in McDowell County, W.Va. “There are not nearly enough local companies that are being used in national elections,” Ojeda said as he spoke about his experience with JJN Multimedia and Belcher.

“When I learned of Major Richard Ojeda’s story, I couldn’t help but to be captivated by the strength and determination shown by him to improve the lives of citizens in the 3rd congressional district of West Virginia,” said Belcher. “He is blatantly honest and transparent in every factor of his life, and I believe that is the type of leader our state needs to continue progress into the future. We are honored to have produced his biography film for his campaign because he is a true American hero.”

Ojeda has utilized local companies in the third district of West Virginia throughout his entire campaign. Before working with JJN Multimedia, Ojeda’s campaign website was created by Infinity Marketing located in Huntington, W.Va. Ojeda pledged to always utilize the local talent located in West Virginia when possible.

“If I am trying to represent the people of third congressional district, then I should also be willing to invest into them and their businesses,” said Ojeda.

The video was seen and shared by actor Rob Reiner, Congressman Tim Ryan, Congressman Ro Khanna and has been accumulated over 50,000 times on Youtube and Facebook alone since it’s release.

Watch the video: