LOGAN W.Va. – While preparing for his second term in the West Virginia legislature, state Sen. Richard Ojeda recently he announced he would sponsor and introduce an equal protection bill for all minorities and the LGBT community. Ojeda spoke briefly about the planned legislation during a Facebook Live town hall event.

“It is unacceptable that we do not include our LGBT community in the current protections our state offers,” said Ojeda. “I think that by not ensuring these protections, we are saying that we agree with the idea that people should be subject to discrimination with the potential to be fired, denied housing and many other forms of discrimination based solely on their sexual orientation.”

The legislation is still being drafted, but Ojeda is hopeful that his fellow legislators will join him in protecting all citizens of West Virginia.

Other bills that Ojeda plans to sponsor include giving West Virginia voters the ability to recall elected officials, legislative oversight of WV Supreme Court spending, amendments to SB 386, a bill Ojeda sponsored last year that legalized medical cannabis in West Virginia as well as bills concerning protections and benefits for correctional officers and first responders including volunteer firefighters.

The 2018 legislative session begins Jan. 10.