Richard Ojeda spent the weekend at home waiting out the snow when he learned that his Facebook page had reached over 20,000 likes.

“Going over 20,000 is a huge deal for us,” Richard said. “It means that people are not only paying attention but are actively engaging with our message that the people of West Virginia deserve more. They deserve a better life. Whether these people live in the third congressional district or they have heard about our campaign in another state and want to help us spread the message, our message of bringing true leadership to D.C. is one that is resonating with thousands of people. People want to see a government that gives power back to the people.”

Richard has documented his trips around the third congressional district for the last six months with stops in all 18 counties within the district.

“We call it putting our boots on the ground,” said Ojeda. “People know that if they haven’t seen me in their hometown yet, it is only  a matter of time. We’re not campaigning only in the populated cities. I will travel up every back road and into every community before this race is over.”

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