WV Sen. Richard Ojeda on Sunday announced a volunteer training for supporters to attend in Charleston, West Virginia.

“Far too many politicians are either out of touch or bought and paid for. That is why I support and volunteer for Senator Ojeda. He is neither.”


“We live in a time where people are beginning to be truly involved in our elections and the political process. If our political process is going to work effectively, it is going to take all of us chipping in and doing the work together. Otherwise, we may as well leave it up to special interests and big donors to decide who the people of WV-3 send to Washington,” Ojeda said.

The meeting will take at the WVSU Economic Development Center at 6pm on February 15, 2018. During the event, volunteers will learn the basics to canvassing, phone banking and other ways they can work to help elect Richard Ojeda.

The event will also include trainings for new campaign interns. The meeting is mandatory for all new interns but is open to the public as well.

“We are excited about Senator Ojeda’s passion for the people of West Virginia. Volunteering for this campaign is our way of fighting for the people in our state.”


“We once didn’t know if we were going to have a clear path to victory in this race but now it is certain that not only do we have a clear path but the people of WV-3 are energized and excited to be a part of our team,” Ojeda said. “Across every county within our district, we are meeting people who want to get involved. They understand that this fight is about putting the best interests of them and their families first. We will fight for working families in West Virginia.”

Ojeda will also attend the training. As volunteers work to learn more about ways to get involved, Ojeda plans on sharing his vision with the team and answering questions.

For the educational benefit of all students, intern responsibilities will be suspended two weeks prior to their school’s scheduled finals.


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