LOGAN, W.Va. – WV Sen. Richard Ojeda issued the following statement on Sunday after a feature for Politico Magazine revealed that he was leading two of his potential Republican opponents.

“It appears from our most recent poll that Rupie Phillips, a mouthpiece for big energy lobbyists, does not have the support of even his own party to win in West Virginia’s third congressional district. He may have big energy and big pharma funneling him thousands of dollars but the voters of West Virginia will continue to reject his refusal to diversify our economy and his eagerness to sell his votes to the highest bidder.”

“What is for sure is that in a time when West Virginia is struggling, the last thing we need are more politicians representing big corporations and industries rather than the people. Unlike Rupie, who wants to limit West Virginia’s economy only to those who line his pockets, what we need is a real commitment to West Virginia that will not only keep coal mining families working but will attract younger generations of people to move here and stop the brain drain taking place in West Virginia now.

“It is ridiculous that in America today, we have communities in the third district of West Virginia that remind me of some of the villages I have seen in the Middle East. It is unfair that there are politicians that are content with their constituents living this way as long as it benefits them directly.”

The scientific poll conducted by Gravis Marketing shows Richard Ojeda leading Republican Rupie Phillips by 20% overall and by 10% among Republican voters.

The poll also revealed Ojeda leading former WVGOP Chairman Conrad Lucas by 13% and among Republican voters within the margin of error at 1%.