I believe that West Virginia has the opportunity to be leaders in the energy economy once again. It is no secret that for decades, coal mining has powered our nation and put food on our tables. It is also no secret that for decades, the industry has been feast or famine. I do not believe coal is dead. In fact, I believe coal will continue to be mined especially for our nation’s steel industry and as long as coal is being used, West Virginia will be putting coal miners to work. However, I do not want to stop there. For far too long, coal companies and coal barons have kept West Virginia politicians in their pockets, threatening to close mines and lay off miners in order to sway politicians to say no to any other energy jobs. I will guarantee you that this will not happen to me if I am in Washington. I want to see West Virginia lead in coal production, biofuels, solar, wind and other energy resources as well as research and development of new energy solutions.