We have heard so much about healthcare over the last year.  When I hear healthcare being discussed words like “death spiral”, “rising premiums” and “no choice” are used. Let’s be clear, we can no longer afford to look past the serious problems in our nation concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act.

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Successful healthcare. Let’s talk about it.

When a family cannot afford their premiums, that is not successful healthcare.

When the healthcare available in our nation is more expensive but with worse outcomes than other developed countries, that is not successful healthcare

When a family cannot afford their deductibles, that is not successful healthcare.

When our most vulnerable and sick citizens have poor access to healthcare, that is not successful healthcare.

Actually, these are all things that show the need to carefully look at, examine and improve the current healthcare system.

When it comes to healthcare, the United States is far behind other developed counties in the world. Americans pay far more for medical care than people in other rich Western nations but have little to show for it.

In other words, Americans are being used by the system that is suppose to keep us healthy and safe.

That is unacceptable. It is a sham and it should be offensive for anyone who plans to use healthcare in their lifetime and let’s face it, that includes us all.


It’s an outrage that millions of people in this nation are forced to pay for insurance plans that they cannot afford, simply because they have no other options.

Many scholars and healthcare professionals who have studied healthcare agree that allowing citizens to enroll in a public insurance plan would solve many of the current problems we face concerning healthcare. It’s well known that a public option would increase coverage and create insurance competition at a time when many insurers are dropping out.

The Affordable Care Act, as it stands, is insufficient. Today, national healthcare expenditures are $9,523 per person in the United States. Even more devastating, out-of-pocket spending is $329.8 billion.

In my opinion, every person in America should have secure healthcare coverage including a choice of plans in all areas of the nation, especially in the counties where only a single private insurer now offers coverage. Through the public option, we would guarantee a choice of plans that allows a choice of medical providers.

Americans would buy in to the public option and build on to the current healthcare infrastructure. Families would then have access to a plan with better patient management, provider reimbursement and lower payments.

Tax Credits For Low and Middle Income Americans

Millions of Americans pay up to 28 percent of what they earn in income taxes plus payroll taxes. They are overtaxed, underinsured and wondering when it is time for them to catch a break. Today, there are over 17 million people who are eligible for the current tax credits under the Affordable Healthcare Act. There are millions of middle income families who are working long hours and paying their fair share of taxes that are not eligible for these tax credits because they are just “over the line”.

This is why I would introduce a public option that also addressed creating more generous tax credits for American families. This is already being done a smaller scale but when paired with the public option, it will give families another incentive and reward for remaining insured.

Small businesses currently receive a tax credit but are currently struggling to provide health insurance to their employees. But through a public option, their employees would have a better more affordable option and businesses would no longer find themselves under the pressure of providing something that they cannot afford.

Tax credits would reduce American families taxes dollar for dollar.

Tax credits would be “refundable” so that if the amount of the credit is more than the amount of your tax liability, you would receive the difference as a refund.

There is no reason for Americans being underinsured. Our country is the most amazing country in the world and it is amazing because we have always been able to work together for the greater good of our citizens.

There is no reason not to offer tax credits to low and middle income families. It would benefit families, small businesses and the nation’s healthcare system as a whole.

Successful Healthcare

Americans should never be forced into doing something that they do not want to do. That is the antithesis of freedom. It is time that we give Americans a public option that would drive down costs, expand coverage and still give each person a choice when it comes to purchasing health insurance.

The next time someone wishes to talk about health care, tell them that we have a plan. A public option will help families keep more money in their pocket, have access to better healthcare and not infringe on anyone’s rights to choose where they want to find that healthcare.

That is a healthcare system I believe we can all agree on.