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Republican Rupie Phillips Trails Ojeda in WV-03

LOGAN, W.Va. – WV Sen. Richard Ojeda issued the following statement on Sunday after a feature for Politico Magazine revealed that he was leading two of his potential Republican opponents. "It appears from our most recent poll that Rupie Phillips, a mouthpiece for big...

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Volunteer for Team Ojeda

WV Sen. Richard Ojeda on Sunday announced a volunteer training for supporters to attend in Charleston, West Virginia. "Far too many politicians are either out of touch or bought and paid for. That is why I support and volunteer for Senator Ojeda. He is neither."   "We...

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Richard Ojeda spent the weekend at home waiting out the snow when he learned that his Facebook page had reached over 20,000 likes. "Going over 20,000 is a huge deal for us," Richard said. "It means that people are not only paying attention but are actively engaging...

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Ojeda Addresses Pocahontas County Voters

Congressional Candidate Richard Ojeda Addresses Pocahontas County Dems and Activists MARLINTON W.Va. – W.Va. state Sen. Richard Ojeda told Democratic voters and local activists in Pocahontas County on Saturday that they needed to be vocal about their concerns...

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McDowell County

More job opportunities, addressing poverty, the opioid epidemic, infrastructure and access to public water were the resonating themes when state Sen. Richard Ojeda traveled through McDowell and Mercer County on Saturday. W.Va. Delegate Ed Evans, representing District...

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Ojeda Gears Up for Legislative Session

LOGAN W.Va. – While preparing for his second term in the West Virginia legislature, state Sen. Richard Ojeda recently he announced he would sponsor and introduce an equal protection bill for all minorities and the LGBT community. Ojeda spoke briefly about the planned...

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Ojeda Calls on Democratic Opponents To Release Platforms

LOGAN, West Virginia – W.Va. state Sen. Richard Ojeda on Thursday urged his Democratic opponents in the election for U.S. House of Representatives in West Virginia’s third congressional district to release a platform. “I am the only Democratic candidate in this...

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Social Media Buzz

Democratic congressional candidate Richard Ojeda, on Wednesday, released a new campaign launch video across his social media platforms. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Contribute now to our campaign to help us...

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