The first Federal Election Commission (FEC) reporting deadline since I won the primary is coming up this Saturday. That means we’ll be telling the world how much support we’ve got as I face off against Carol Miller.

Can I count on your contribution to show we’ve got the support to take on Miller’s big-donor backers?

This is the most important fundraising deadline of the entire campaign because the numbers we report to the FEC right now are the numbers everyone will focus on for the rest of the campaign.

We’ve had a lot of national attention recently, with the DCCC adding us to its competitive Red to Blue Program and new polling putting me ahead of Carol Miller.

But this FEC report will truly determine whether people say that our campaign is succeeding or failing. That’s why this fundraising deadline is make-or-break.

To show our grassroots strength, we’ve set an aggressive goal: $16,000 by midnight on Saturday.

Will you add your contribution right now to show we’ve got the strength to win in November?

You’ll be getting updates over the next couple of days on where we are with this goal — just know that we wouldn’t be asking if it weren’t important.

Sappers clear the way,

Airborne all the way,