LOGAN, W.Va. – WV state Senator Richard Ojeda yesterday renewed his battle cry against his Republican opponent, Carol Miller. Ojeda said that the upcoming FEC report will show the nation how much support he has to take on Miller.

Ojeda asked his supporters to continue with their small dollar support while Carol Miller would be either self funding or depending on corporate PAC money.

“This is the most important fundraising deadline of the entire campaign because the numbers we report to the FEC right now are the numbers everyone will focus on for the rest of the campaign,” Ojeda said.

“We’ve had a lot of national attention recently, with the DCCC adding us to its competitive Red to Blue Program and new polling putting me ahead of Carol Miller,” the Democratic congressional nominee added. “But this FEC report will truly determine whether people say that our campaign is succeeding or failing.”

The comments from Ojeda, who has said he will not take corporate PAC money, came just three days before the end of the quarter. As Saturday nears, Ojeda said he believes that his grassroots support will be enough to take on Miller.

Ojeda has been outspoken about the need to remove big money from the American political system and has said countless times that money in politics is a danger to our democracy. He also said that allowing limitless amounts of money to be spent in elections by corporations is a direct attack on the ability of the average working class to engage with their representatives.

Ojeda’s congressional campaign is support almost entirely by small contributions that average $45 from 5,400 individual donors. As the new quarter approaches, Ojeda asked his supporters to contribute once again and help reach a goal of $16,000 by Saturday at midnight.

To read Richard’s email to his supporters, click here.