LOGAN, W.Va. –  Addressing a live online audience, Democratic congressional nominee Richard Ojeda said that his campaign had hit every goal that was set for the fundraising quarter.

Over 6,000 people have since viewed the live video.

“We really did very well this quarter,” Ojeda said to the live audience. “And we did it with individual donations…”, he said. “The majority of our individual donations came from people in West Virginia who sent in $5 or $7.”

Ojeda said that he expects to be out raised by his Republican opponent. “The corporate PAC’s will be throwing money at her but our money will come from individuals. The average individual donation that comes to our campaign is about $26. The people are behind this campaign,” Ojeda said. “The corporations will be behind my opponent, the Koch brothers will be behind my opponent but the people will be behind me”.

Ojeda spoke about some his policy ideas to help increase wages for working families and investing heavily into infrastructure to not only create thousands of good paying jobs but to finally fix the poor road conditions throughout West Virginia.

When speaking about the need to better fund public education, Ojeda applauded the West Virginia teachers for their strength and courage during their strike for better pay and lower healthcare costs.

To tackle the drug epidemic, he proposed cannabis reform as well as better funding for recovery programs that will create more recovery beds throughout the state.

To create a better business and educational environment, Ojeda has proposed bringing broadband to West Virginia.

To give West Virginia families a safer living environment, he proposed upgrading water and sewage systems. To provide young people with jobs, he proposed a jobs program that gives them incentives and places them into career paths where the workforce is needed.

To ensure young adults are able to make it into the middle class, he would support lowering student loan interest rates.