RACINE, WV – W.V. state Sen. Richard Ojeda on Monday said that Carol Miller’s Labor Day support of working families in West Virginia is ‘all talk and no action’.

“As so many politicians do, Delegate Miller wished West Virginia workers a happy Labor Day in spite of her supporting legislation that hurts those workers and their families,” said Ojeda, “but I wouldn’t expect any less from an establishment politician.”

Miller supported the controversial Right to Work bill in the West Virginia House of Delegates that Ojeda refers to as ‘Right to Work for Less’ . Ojeda has been a strong voice against Right to Work laws that are an attempt to bust unions and hurt representation for employees in the workplace.

On another important issue, Ojeda has also spoken out in support of prevailing wage. Miller voted to eliminate prevailing wage and ‘hurt West Virginia workers’. Ojeda said, “I am glad that she knows what day Labor Day is but maybe she should remember why we celebrate it in the first place. Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions it has made to this country.”

What to do about the United Mine Workers of America’s pensions was perhaps the key immediate issue at the UMWA Labor Day rally where Ojeda addressed the crowd. While Miller’s positions on any topic remain vague and mostly unknown, Ojeda has been a clear and outspoken opponent of the bankruptcy laws that allowed UMWA coal miners’ pensions to be taken from them.

Miller says she ‘supports West Virginia coal miners’. Ojeda’s position is clearer and stronger. “I’m glad she can craft a talking point but her support is all talk and no action”, Ojeda said.

Ojeda said one of his top priorities in Congress is supporting legislation that would secure pension plans for UMWA coal miners.