Despite what side of the political spectrum you belong to, job creation is the one thing I believe we can all agree on. I want to protect and grow West Virginia’s economy with steady job creation. Currently, so many families in West Virginia feel the strain of keeping up with the cost of living. While there are multiple contributing factors for West Virginia’s economic state, the one that is obvious is the decline of coal jobs. When coal jobs decline, other jobs in those communities decline because they are dependent upon the coal miners’ support.


“When coal jobs decline, other jobs in those communities decline because they are dependent upon the coal miners’ support.”


We cannot allow West Virginia and other states like it to survive with a mono economy. ​That is why I will fight for policies that will create jobs and job choice for West Virginians.

We are not going to allow lobbyists and special interests to keep politicians in their pocket while advocating that job choice and competition is not a good thing. I will work with my colleagues to ensure that West Virginia becomes an energy leader in this nation, not only in coal but in every field of energy that is available. West Virginia will no longer be used for extraction only. If I am in Washington, I will make sure that West Virginians’ are reaping the benefits from the service and profits they provide to others and this nation. And those benefits will be found in our economy.

We are not going to force entire communities to enter into job choices that they may not be interested in simply because it is all that is available. I will also work with Congress to ensure that middle class West Virginians who do not work in the energy industry also have job choice and options and this will include a focus on bringing technology jobs to West Virginia that allow the state to innovate and thrive.

We are not going to let states like West Virginia be the face of economic decline in our nation any longer.

It is wrong to leave West Virginians and other American citizens in the dark while the rest of the nation excels. In the future, I want West Virginia to be known as an energy industry leader and the home to Fortune 500 companies.

And, not only are we going to fight for coal mining families, families who wish to work in tech industries and manufacturing industries, we will fight for investments in education, infrastructure and research and development that will strengthen our middle class.

At a time when our nation is progressively moving towards innovation and new ideas, we need to make sure that states like West Virginia are not left behind or left out from every advance made in the effort to strengthen our economy.

When the U.S. unemployment rate is 4.4%, not only do we work harder to continue lowering it but we make sure that jobs are being created in middle america and Appalachia and not just the ever popular and growing coastal states.


“We need to make sure that states like West Virginia are not left behind or left out from every advance made in the effort to strengthen our economy. “



  • Fight for coal mining families across the United States

It is a national embarrassment that we have allowed entire communities of generational hard working families to suffer. The coal miner helped build our great nation. Today, there are 50,000 coal mining jobs across the United States. Richard Ojeda supports coal miners and their ability to feed their families.

  • Expand job choice in states like West Virginia

Ojeda has consistently spoken about his passion for seeing new jobs and industry begin to thrive in West Virginia. Ojeda will fight to expand job choice and job opportunity in West Virginia and other rural states who have recently found themselves crippled by the current economy and loss of jobs.

  • Go to action for West Virginians to reap the benefits they have sewn into this nation for decades

Ojeda will work for West Virginians to finally have the respect it has more than earned as the backbone of United States of America.

  • Generate technology jobs for rural America

Ojeda will work on a plan to entice technology jobs into rural areas by offering a highly motivated workforce, low cost of living and new opportunities to businesses that locate in unconventional areas.

  • Increase overall job growth in rural states and communities

According to the most recent statistics, rural job growth is 4.6 smaller than it was in 2008. Increasing job growth in rural America would significantly boost our nations middle class families.

  • Boost the number of Fortune 500 companies in rural America

The amount of Fortune 500 companies in rural communities versus metropolitan communities is incomparable. There are currently 27 million people employed by Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Increasing the amount of headquarters in rural areas would provide a better insight to the needs of rural communities as well provide even more jobs to states who are struggling in the current economy.

  • Provide manufacturing jobs to American workers

Ojeda will work to combat the mechanization that has decimated manufacturing jobs across the United States. Although mechanization is one of the leading factors that has put an end to the hard working American job, outsourcing and offshore manufacturing has also played a vital role in taking jobs away from American workers. Well, “reshoring” these jobs is crucial to the future of the American economy. American workers deserve to build and create American sold products. It is an insult to this nation that companies would look for workers in other countries when we have the best work force that this world knows. We built the American dream from the ground up and we should be allowed to continue building it. Ojeda would require companies to offer a percentage of jobs to American workers. In 2013, U.S. overseas affiliates employed 14 million workers which almost doubles the 7.5 million unemployed Americans today. We must require companies that want to make a profit in our great nation to also respect and use our great workforce.

  • Broaden investments in education

Ojeda will fight for the success of our nation and it’s future. If the United States can see past the partisnship and invest in our future, we can educate our citizens in order to remain competitive in the global economy of the 21st century. Today, more than half of Americans believe that bipartisan legislation can not pass in Washington. However, Ojeda believes that we can work together in Washington to invest in our future by offering solutions particularly to the rising costs of higher education. It is time to address low income students having access to a college education, middle class families who cannot afford outrageous tuition costs because they cannot receive aid and curriculum that many feel is too broad for the specific industries and degrees that the students are seeking.

  • Make infrastructure a priority

As a WV State Sen., Ojeda has committed more time to making phone calls related to road repairs that nearly anyone else in the state legislature. Ojeda will fight to increase infrastructure jobs that will not only boost our economy but provide better roads, bridges etc to the country.

  • Increase research and development

Ojeda will fight to expand research and development for agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Department of Health and Human Resources and more. Expanding government support for research and development is needed in order to keep up with technological advances in other countries. Without research and development, innovation and new ideas will slow down and potential jobs will slow down as well.