Holding Government Accountable

“We are a nation with a government that tends to only be accountable to those who line their pockets. I believe instead, they should be held accountable only to the voters. Their decisions, my decisions and the choices we all make impact the lives of millions of people. These decisions should never be influenced by personal gain, when it could harm millions of others. Unfortunately that is exactly what is happening now in Washington D.C.” – Richard Ojeda


  • Do not allow Congress to use a budget vote for political gain without repercussions of withholding pay.
  • Overturn Citizens United.
  • Campaign Finance Reform. We must move toward publicly funded elections.
  • Regulate the amount of money spent by Super PACS
  • Ensure that Super PACs must disclose their contributions and contributors.
  • Implement term limits.
  • Put a stop to lobbyists having better access to politicians than the voters.