Keeping America Safe

For 24 years, I wore the uniform and I carried the weapon. If there is one thing I am confident in, it is the ability of our nation’s military. The best way to keep Americans safe is to let our military do their job without muddying up their responsibilities with our political agendas. We must be relentless and wise in our national security decisions. Regarding ISIS, I know from experience that the commanders on the ground know more about what needs to happen in order to defeat them. War is not a social expermient and I refuse to let politics play a role in my decision making when it comes to keeping you and your family safe. I will not take my marching orders from anyone else concerning national security. We must be on the offensive when it comes to defeating ISIS. We must be consistent with airstrikes, weaken their efforts with counterintelligence, seek to defund them and stop the radicalization of Americans with ISIS propaganda.

We must also ensure that terrorists do not reach American soil by abusing our immigration process. We must keep an up to date terror watch list but provide better vetting for those that go onto the watch list. The terror watch list should be for people who are serious potential threats to homeland security. It is not an area where mistakes should ever be allowed. Individuals who are on the terror watch list should be prevented from flying on American airplanes and from legally purchasing firearms.