One of my biggest priorities is taking care of our nation’s veterans. VA care is full of problems especially regarding those who live in rural areas like southern West Virginia. Veterans should be able to get quality care covered through the VA at any facility of their choice. We must also improve the process by which our nation’s heroes can get care in a timely matter. Far too often, men and women with legitimate illnesses are stalled for as long as a year before they can receive care which leads to a sense of hopelessness. A recent VA study found that as many as 20 veterans were committing suicide each day. We have to do better. We have to protect the men and women who have so diligently protected us. Veterans should also never have to worry about their military compensation being replaced with wellness programs. This way of thinking will lead to a drastic increase in veteran homelessness. I will also work to put Veterans back to work when they return home and protect their access to education.