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Legalization of Cannabis in the United States

January 3, 2019 at 8:04 pm | Marijuana Legislation, Politics | Vote Ojeda -

Marijuana is one of the most popular crop around the world. Use and sell of marijuana has been prohibited in many countries due to vast notions associated with Cannabis. Marijuana can be used for clinical purposes as well as for medical purposes. The clinical use of marijuana entails prescribing the drug to patients of cancer or those who have undergone chemotherapy. Cannabis is also used for recreational purposes although it is known to be very addictive.

Is it legal?

Possession and use of cannabis has been prohibited in most parts of the world including the United States. However, since the 1960s there has been ongoing calls for the legalization of marijuana. Most people including celebrities, politicians and even presidents have attested to either try the use of marijuana. Today, marijuana has been legalized in some states like California while in other states you will face a jail term for possessing or using marijuana.


Marijuana is as old as many societies and was a very popular commodity in the past societies where it was used for many reasons. The hemp plant was being used in the paper industry and textile industry. Shoes made from the product were adorable and a great fashion statement. Once people learned of its use as a psychoactive drug, it became very popular among different groups of people and within a few years cannabis was declared illegal.

Marijuana Laws in California

Medical marijuana is legal in certain parts of the California however it is still illegal to the federal government. Medical marijuana has been accepted for medical purposes where folks need to have a card that has been prescribed by a doctor in order to buy and use marijuana for medical purposes only. Other states have followed the trend set by the state of California that govern the medical use of marijuana.

The current laws of California allow individuals to use medical marijuana. The laws are very strict in that only individuals who are seriously ill are allowed to use medical marijuana. The laws are designed to ensure that patients obtain a marijuana card and they use medical marijuana as prescribed by the physician. As per the law, all patients using marijuana must be registered with the medical program. Medical marijuana can be bought from different dispensaries within the state that sell medical marijuana.

Should marijuana be legalized in United States?

Medical marijuana is not like the other type of marijuana that you find in the streets. Medical marijuana makes you high however it does not contain the toxic substances like those of sold on the streets. Medical marijuana is not sold to any individual. One is required to have a medical marijuana card which can only be given by a physician.

Opponents fear that legalizing vice/sin products will open the door to future decriminalization of similar or even worse categories. The concern would be that this sets precedent for harder drugs, prostitution, any meet and fuck site, and really any activity that would be deemed unsavory.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are also legal establishments where marijuana can be sold. These establishments are heavily regulated and must follow strict marijuana laws. Legalizing medical marijuana in the United States will bring control to the misused and drug and reduce cases of crime that is associated with cannabis users.… Read the rest